Pooch Potty Guarantee covers our competitors boxes

Pooch Potty offers a lifetime guarantee that if for any reason, your box is defective, cracks, breaks, leaks - no questions asked, we will exchange it for a brand new box.  What is so weird . . . is that not one customer has taken us up on this offer (since 1994).  Wacky . . . must be our boxes are just that well made.

However, the Pooch Potty guarantee that covers our competitors' boxes, is another story. 

So often I have been asked why Pooch Potty would stand behind the quality of our competitors' products. They say "What are you, crazy? Nobody does that!" 

I began to notice that we frequently would get new customer inquiries from dog owners who had already purchased a similar product from a competitor. There actually are very specific differences between the design of our box and other companies. Unfortunately, what I am commonly faced with is an unhappy dog owner who has already been burned by a competitor and who is doubtful if a dog potty product could actually work.

I began to offer these customers that if they would like to trade in their competitor's box for a Pooch Potty box at half price, I would just ask that they please give our product a chance and use it the way it was intended. They only have to try our weekly sod service for 90 days and we are confidant that once they see it really does work, they will long forget their negative experience prior to finding us.  (the half off trade in offer is for the Pooch Potty box only, sod is sold seperately)

Some might say that because I passionately believe in my product, that my business will survive all of the copy cat products on the market. Then again, others might say that I am not a very savvy business person to begin a program where I stood behind my competitors' products.

When these customers would trade in the competitors box I would ask them all of the questions I could think of . . . what was it about this particular box design that didn't work, how is the quality of the material used compared to ours, did the competitor mislead you to believe you would not have to clean the box & change the sod out weekly? This has been the greatest learning tool for me as a small business owner, to talk to these customers one on one and to view the competitors boxes for myself in person. I even tried each box out personally and needless to say, these customers were indeed correct in their assessments.

Although I am flattered that other companies are imitating the concept that we started in 1994 - I am concerned that dog owners are not getting introduced to the concept in a positive way. Even worse, some of these competitors are using cheap materials to make their boxes and selling them at a much higher price. (if you compare our products by the price per square inch you will see that our boxes are the best value)

The quality of our Pooch Potty box is made of the thickest and most durable plastic, strong enough to withstand human weight.  One of our customers with a Labrador has had her same box for nine years now without a single crack.  Because our boxes are made in the USA, we are paying a premium price for manufacturing and the sale of just the box itself brings us very little profit. We've priced our boxes as low as we can largely because we know that most of our customers are going to become lifelong weekly sod customers and there is no reason to begin this relationship by taking advantage of them.

As you can probably figure out, making a guarantee that covers our competitors' products isn't exactly a money making venture on our part. We actually just break even at the end of the ninety days. However, what we hope for, is to have begun a lifelong relationship with a customer who appreciates that we are honest and up front about how to properly use and care for their dog's potty box. We really just want everyone to have a positive and successful experience and more importantly, we want everyone's dog to have a safe and sanitary place to go potty.

Happy Potty Experiences to all of the four-legged ones that you love!

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Warning:  This product has been known to cause wagging tails!