How to maintain your Pooch Potty

Daily - Pick up the feces (very important to protect your dog's health).

Weekly -
Clean your box out thoroughly & replace the sod. Check out Beach Dog Potty to find out how to get weekly sod service from them.

Protect your box from water/rain/snow (outdoor use). Place near sunlight & a window for fresh air (indoor use).K.Schlect.jpg

For odor control with multiple dogs, you may have to clean your box out twice a week.

Helpful hint: Many customers who are too busy to clean their Pooch Potty boxes will ask their housekeepers or dog walkers to do it for them.

Please remember the importance of walking and exercising your dog. Pooch Potty is meant as a back up potty and should never be used as a replacement for walking your dog.

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Warning: This product has been known to cause wagging tails!