Handicapped or Elderly Dogs

Many of our customers have either elderly or disabled dogs and having a Pooch Potty has just been a great relief for them. 

A Happy Story!
One of our customers (Linda from New York) recently had great success with her elderly dog "Yogi" who was having difficulty walking.  She was in the routine of picking up Yogi and carrying him downstairs five times a day so he could empty his bladder.  Another dog "Paws" would have to then be walked separately.  Needless to say, bringing a Pooch Potty into this household was a huge lifestyle change for everyone.

I give a lot of credit to Linda because she really gave it her all during those first ten days or so.  At first, Yogi was not sure if he was allowed to use the Pooch Potty, since it was set up indoors (they put it in a room that has a lot of sunlight).  Linda tried to make the Pooch Potty area really nice by putting plants all around it and giving it a feel as being separate from the rest of the living space.  She also tried to remain very positive and loving (dogs can pick up when an owner is frustrated and it just makes them all that more nervous).  The customer took great measures to make sure Yogi didn't associate using the Pooch Potty with sacrificing getting walked outdoors, even if for just some fresh air and to smell the smells of the neighborhood.   Finally, Paws got the box started with his own pee pee, and then Yogi used it a couple of times.  With all the praise that little Yogi got, he actually discovered it was okay to go potty in this new place.  And Linda has now gotten Yogi's schedule down to just carrying him outside two to three times a day, then he uses the Pooch Potty for the other potty times. 

This is just such a happy story in so many ways . . . not only does little Yogi have the relief now of being able to go potty anytime, but Linda has the peace of mind knowing that little Yogi is comfortable.  This is the kind of story that makes me proud to be in the business that I am! 

If you have an elderly or handicapped dog
there are many other great tools and products that are hard to find in most general pet supply places.   Thank goodness for the dog loving people who put the Handicapped Pets website together.

I first discovered them a couple of years ago when my elderly dog Corky was having much difficulty walking in the last few months of his life. I tried out the back support harness and it did help Corky to at least get outside, even if he couldn't walk very far.

And the best part about this site is they offer a support board where you can post communications to other dog owners with similar problems. In honor of Corky, I posted a donation of his back support harness here and another appreciative dog owner was able to use it. That Corky, he was such a kind and sharing dog . . . I really hope he has gotten some new legs up there in doggie heaven!

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Warning:  This product has been known to cause wagging tails!