Know the business practices of whom you do business with . . .


I believe there is enough business to go around and that Pooch Potty does not need to partake in unfair business practices. Check out what one competitor has done.

In March of 2004, Petapotty registered two domain names (that we know of) containing the words "Pooch Potty" in them, and began to have these domain names redirected to their own website. This shows not only a clear lack of integrity, but also suggests that they have so little confidence in the merits of their own product that they need to confuse potential Pooch Potty customers by misdirecting them to their site.

We sent them two a cease and desist letters,  although they proceeded to do this until their domain name registration ran out (in March of 2006).  They were not able to renew the domain names because we had contacted the Domain Registrar to stop them from further usage of our trademarked name.

What they were doing for two years is ILLEGAL!

We are currently preparing legal action against them for breaking the Anti Cybersquatting Act.  
If you have purchased a Petapotty box between the dates of March 2004 and March of 2006 and felt that you were mislead by Petapotty, you may be entitled for a full refund plus any damages. Some customers have thought they were buying a Pooch Potty box and other customers were confused and thought we changed our name. We are compiling a list of customers who would like to get a full refund from Petapotty and will be included in the legal action. Petapotty's actions are clearly intended to divert consumers from Pooch Potty's actual online location to Petapotty's site by creating a likelihood of confusion, sponsorship or affiliation with us.

What you can do to help:
Anywhere that you see Petapotty promoting their product (either online or in person), ask them to please explain to you why you should do business with a company that is so insecure about the merits of their own product that they would need to do this. Question why they went to great lengths to try to siphon business off of Pooch Potty - a business that since 1994 is reputable and synonymous with quality. If enough consumers make them accountable, they may be forced to clean up their act.

Petapotty owner, Brandon Hochman, has sent a cease and desist letter back to Pooch Potty to ask us to stop mentioning this on our website.   We won't until he issues a refund to every single customer who was mislead in that twenty-four month period. 

Interesting story:  We have a policy where if a customer purchases a Petapotty box and is unsatisfied with it for any reason, they can trade it in to Pooch Potty for a Pooch Potty box and half price (provided they try our weekly sod out for 90 days, just so we can break even).  Just last weekend I was talking to a new customer who shared with me her horrible Petapotty experience.  She said that once she placed her order, it took four weeks to arrive (she is in Los Angeles as is Petapotty).  Then when it turned out to be totally disfunctional, she attempted to return it within the two week return policy they have in place.  She left four voice mail messages and no one would call her back to process her return (they were probably waiting until the two week period had passed).  When the customer called for her fifth time, she did something smart and pressed the number on their automated system for "I want to make a purchase" people to press.  Guess what?  She immediately got a live person on the phone!  Unfortuantely, the Petapotty representative (by the name of Pilar) was very unhelpful and instead of processing her return, tried to sell her more sod!  This was when the customer gave up out of utter disgust and felt that it was such a horrible experience she just called us.  In general, when we get a new Pooch Potty customer in the same city we are based out of, we try our best to get the box out to them as soon as possible.  Not only did we give her a free Pooch Potty box for the Petapotty box that she traded in, but she felt so badly about us giving her a free box that she bought an additional Pooch Potty box!  (which was very nice, because now her two puppies have more space to go potty on, the Petapotty boxes are much smaller than ours).  

Anyway, we are very grateful that this new customer shared her story with us and now we are telling anyone who is trying to return their Petapotty box, to do the same thing so they can reach a live person to talk to.  We had three Petapotty boxes traded in, just last week alone!    WOOF WOOFs . . . . all good doggies deserve a nice place to go potty! 

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