About Sod

Why you want to avoid the use of regular sod with a box that has a drain (Our Competitors' Box):
Regular sod is like a sponge, the soil retains moisture (your dog's urine) and the concept of a dog potty box with a drain is only going to work if you use Synthetic Sod.  Regular sod is going to retain the urine and the only way it will "drain" out is if you flush it with a lot of water, and then squish it out with your hands or with your feet.  This can be a messy procedure and in the end, you can't ever really get rid of the bacteria that is still in the soiled piece of sod.  Over time, the build up of that bacteria can pose a serious health threat not only to your dog, but to the other members of your household as well.

Varieties of regular sod:
There are many different varieties of sod. When sod has a name such as
Kentucky Blue-grass or St. Augustine or Fescue, this is to denote the
type of grass seed that was used to grow the sod. This is of concern to
people who are going to plant sod in their yards because some seeds
grow better in certain climates than others.

Thickness of regular Sod:
Regular sod that most people use to plant in their yards has two
layers of soil. The second layer is called “topsoil” and its purpose is
to help the sod grow and attach itself permanently to the ground.

Because of the second layer of soil, Regular sod is very thick and heavy.
This is definitely not the kind of sod you want to purchase for your
Pooch Potty. This is the kind of sod you will most likely find at a Home

Depot or a local nursery that supplies sod for the landscape industry.

Light Sod:
Grown only in Southern California is a sod that is made without that
second layer of topsoil. This sod is known as “Light” Sod and is sometimes
referred to as “Soil-less” Sod. Many Southern California nurseries and
garden centers will sell Light Sod by the piece.



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